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Hey, I am Jason Coyne (gaijin42) and these are my photos. I started getting serious about photography in the spring of '04 and try to shoot several times a week. I hope you like what I have up.

I specialize in candid, available light photography, especially theatre, weddings, and other events. I also do some landscapes, nature shots, and fine art photography. If you are looking for a photographer for your event, drop me a line!

Many of my shots are from local theatre groups, or school groups. Images in those galleries may be used free of charge by anyone associated with that group (including friends and family) for any non-commercial purpose. If you want to use an image commercially or for any kind of fund raising, I will probably say OK, but you need permission from me.

All other galleries are probably more restricted, but if you want prints or something that could be arranged.

Some of the galleries include images of an adult nature, particularly the Cabaret! galleries. If those images offend you, or you are too young to be looking at them : Stop looking at them.

All images are copyright by Jason Coyne, All Rights Reserved.

You can email me at

I have begun to restrict access to the original and large size pictures. You may still view pictures free of charge from this website, and email them to your friends and family, but you will not be able to make prints by downloading the files anymore. I was not recieving any donations, and my equipment is very expensive. I have made a small markup on the photos to help defray my costs. If you are looking to get bulk prints of an event, we can work something out, and I can get you a CD with all of the images.

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